Drain Cleaning

Restore the Flow to Your Drains

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Your drains flush away a lot of waste, so backups and blockages can happen quickly. Mega Star Plumbing offers drain cleaning services for homes and businesses in Abilene, TX. Instead of using harsh chemicals to clear your drains, our professionals use safe and effective cleaning methods to remove blockages and restore the flow to your drains.

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We make sure backups
don't happen

The water pipes in your home develop buildup over time, causing your sinks, tubs and toilets to clog. Aside from the obvious slow drains, there are a few other ways to tell if you need professional sink drain repair, like:

A noticeable odor coming from your drains.
Sediment in your toilet bowl water.
Gurgling from your toilet or drains when flushing.

When your drains aren’t working properly, schedule our drain cleaning services right away.